Rules & Regulations

All visitors to Fairmont Memorial Park must display proper respect for the deceased. When on the property, please act accordingly with care and consideration for all. While driving through Fairmont Memorial Park, drive slowly and within the posted limits and adjust the volume on your automobile radio so that is it cannot be heard outside of your vehicle. While walking, please be aware of services in progress and act appropriately with respect and quiet. Always use the designated road and paths to reach the site you are visiting. Try to walk around other interment spaces when you can. Soliciting, peddling, or distributing literature while on any of Fairmont Memorial Park property is prohibited.

Disclaimer of Liability – Fairmont Memorial Park has the authority, without liability, to remove at any time, any items, trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, weeds, or herbage of any kind from the Memorial Park when it is deemed unsightly, dangerous, detrimental, diseased, or in noncompliance to the standards of Fairmont Memorial Park. Fairmont Memorial Park shall not be liable for any items such as floral pieces, baskets, frames, flags, ornaments, etc., left, lost, misplaced, stolen, or broken in our Memorial Park. Fairmont Memorial Park shall not be responsible for plants, herbages, or planting of any kind damaged by the elements, thieves, vandals, or any other causes beyond Fairmont Memorial Park’s control.

Safety Reminder – Fairmont Memorial Park consist of lawns, sidewalks, underground sprinkler systems, curbs, etc., all of which require individual attention to personal safety when walking or visiting in the park. Be aware that lawns develop low spots or low areas within the grass. Sprinkler heads and memorial markers are on the surface and should be watched for. Be very careful when walking on wet areas on sidewalks and roadways. Do not walk on loose dirt or gravel on paved areas. Every visitor must take individual responsibility for his or her safety when walking on Fairmont’s grounds. Visitors must wear proper footwear for this environment, and pay close attention to where they are walking.

Endowment Care – Property – As required and governed by the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau of California, the purchaser of any interment space in Fairmont Memorial Park is assessed an endowment care property space fee which is deposited into an Endowment Care Trust Fund. Earnings from this fund are designated solely for use in supporting the costs that are associated with the general care and maintenance of the cemetery. These costs include, but are not limited to, the mowing, trimming, fertilizing, watering, repairing, and replacing (when necessary) of turf, the planting, trimming, fertilizing, watering and replacing (when necessary) of trees, shrubberies and other forms of plant material in our park, the painting and maintenance of all above-ground structures (such as mausoleums, columbariums, features, fences, walls, and buildings), and the repairing of walkways and roadways when deemed necessary.

Fairmont Memorial Park is wholly owned & operated by Bryan-Braker Funeral Home.

Cemetery Visiting Hours are Sunrise to Sunset.

1901 Union Ave.
Fairfield, CA 94533

1850 W. Texas St.
Fairfield, CA 94533

1850 W Texas St.
Fairfield, CA 94533